Las Vegas Shooting

Just like quite a lot of people out there, I’m upset that another shooting has happened. And this is the worst shooting in modern history; it has 1-uped the Orlando Shooting last year in June. We sadly lost 59 people while hundreds are injured as of Tuesday at 11AM EST. But as much as we are outraged and sad about this, we will not do anything in the end. Sadly, we will see more shootings or even a bomb attack or another copy of the Nice Attack where a nutjob hijacks a truck and runs over a parade of people. Sadly, we will see more of these. As Bruce Hornsby would say, it’s just the way it is.

After the Orlando incident, I found myself thinking that this won’t be the last. I always thought that there would be a shooting in a crowded concert with more deaths and injuries than Orlando. With Las Vegas, it was a man in a high-rise building shooting into a concert. As I said, I knew there was going to be a bad concert shooting, but I never thought it would be from a high-rise building. I recently attended an outdoor concert in Royal Oak, Michigan at the Arts, Beats & Eats. Royal Oak has a few high rise buildings, but they are condos and not hotels. One could easily do a shooting from one of those buildings, particular the Eight 55 Building. That will be a thought for me when I attended outdoor shows in towns. Hell, the Arts Beats & Eats (as far as I remember) don’t make you go through metal detectors. Somebody can go in there and start blasting away with a pistol.

Also, I’m looking to see the Red Wings at their new venue called Little Caesars Arena, but the idea of some nutjob shooting up the place will be on my mind. Yes, most arenas make you go through metal detectors, but I think most people working arena security don’t take their jobs so seriously. But then again, most major league sports games do have a few police officers around. It’s also strange that last week, I watched Two Minute Warning, a movie made in 1976 about a sniper shooting people in a crowded championship football game. For those who haven’t seen the movie, here’s the spoiler, right at the last minute of the game the sniper shoots at random and kills quite a few people. Everyone in the game gets the drift and runs the hell outta there. The Swat Team and a LAPD Captain (played by the late Charlton Heston) catch-up with the sniper and take care of the situation, but kill him in the process.

In the end, the cops and the higher-ups at the arena gather together with LAPD Captain upset about not getting the shooter’s motive, but the lead SWAT team man says that the news will have more info about the sniper and perhaps they could get a motive. Again, Two Minute Warning was made in 1976 and the sick sad thing is that something like what happens in that movie could happen today. But back in 1976 and even in the said movie, you didn’t have to go through a metal detector. However, a fired arena employee who happens to be nuts could cause a ruckus by hiding a rifle somewhere in an arena, and come back to it when a game is going down.

Sadly, if someone wants to do this kind of shit, they will find a way to do it.

Another thing that grinds my gears is the ‘thoughts and prayers’ most politicians offer after such an event happens. I’m sick of hearing pray for this and pray for that after a tragedy happens. That pray for something hashtag surely trends on Twitter when the shit hits the fan. I’m not telling people not to pray, really I’m not, but my secular self is seeing that praying isn’t working. But also, I know that anyone who often prays will say to me: “What’s your solution?” And my answer is, I don’t fucking know.

Also, for the first time in a while, I watched over a half-hour of morning television, NBC to be exact. I watched Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday. Megyn Kelly has been subject to some harsh criticism for her jump from Fox to NBC, and also I agree, she has been a little too overexposed lately. Anywho, during the show, they had Tom Brokaw. A audience member asked him a question about gun control, well, here is the answer:

Of course, I don’t like the idea of Megyn Kelly interrupting a broadcasting legend such as Brokaw. There could have been a few reasons why she interrupted him. One, Kelly wasn’t happy with Brokaw’s honest response; or two, she had to take a “Hard Break” (see video’s description). For the first reason, I can see the old school versus the new school type of broadcast journalism.

When 9/11 happened, it took a little while for the most of us to get back on this sick game of life. I was a fat 19-year-old grown-ass man acting like a little kid working at a Mazel’s by Lakeside Mall. I didn’t work on 9/11 and I was actually new to the job after losing a previous job at plastics joint. I worked the next day and instead of having the radio play throughout the store, they had a TV on with the news coverage. I would later lose the job two weeks later due to my boss saying the economy was getting bad, but it was probably also me sucking at the job. I was a little douchebag asshole at the time.

But going back to 9/11, it did take a while for the majority of us a while to move forward. During and after this Las Vegas shooting, that Sunday night, I went to bed early before midnight (I stay up to 2am most nights, I work 2nd shift and both of my jobs), it was 9pm Las Vegas time. The shooting happened at 10pm in Las Vegas. I awoke at 7:30am to see my phone had many alerts from news outlets about this, plus my scanner app told me that 20,000+ people were listening to the Las Vegas police scanner. I turn on the TV to see what had happened.

While I was watching TV, I was texting somebody and we first were talking about a different situation and then we talked about the Las Vegas shooting. Also, we were talking about how although this shooting is terrible; we sadly have to go to work and also pay bills. When it came to 9/11, yes, I went to work the next day but it was plaguing my mind. When it came to paying bills, I was a fat 19-year-old paying $75/week in a double-wide trailer where it was me, my mom, my uncle and two younger brothers lived. Trailer park trash, eh?

And yes, I later went to work and this subject of the shooting wasn’t really talked about. I suppose this is the new normal.

Here’s Psychology In Seattle’s take on it:

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Weeeelcome Back!

Welcome Back!

For the 4 or 5 people who give a rat’s ass, I’m looking to go back to writing fiction again. I had “entered into college” at February 2014 with a couple of breaks in between. Although it’s been 3.5 years (or three and-a-half in human terms), sadly, I have the equivalent of 2 years. All my tuition were from online schools, studying Information Technology. The programming portion which was most of my study was done thru TreeHouse. Currently, I have 26,000+ points and as of September 2017, I’m ranked 600 out of 100,000+ students. Why the hell am I stopping?

Well, all I gotta say is after a while with sitting in front of a computer screen and watching video after video, it will get to you. As of now, I find myself watching this video while doing my arm workouts. For now, I’m dedicated in getting my A+ certification so I’ll be digging at the Comptia website for a while. TreeHouse was my weapon of choice for the programming, I also studied with ITPro.TV’s videos and I do plan on going back to them soon for the 220-902 classes. For those who don’t know IT and how to get ahead in a career with it (that I’m lacking), the A+ certification is to show employers that you have the basic understanding of Information Technology. The classes you take are 220-901 and 220-902 as of September 2017. They make new classes every two or three years or so. The A+ certification is my focus and I must not give up.

The desire to return to writing was due to the asking from a person who bought The Thirteen Years of Gray. One additional push to that desire was being contacted from a fan of my work in Florida about getting a copy of Mourning In Hochington Volume 2 (under my pen name Adrian Henderson, WTF was I thinking?) and she’ll send me the money for it soon. The asshole author that I am, I suggested that she buy a copy. Haven’t got the e-mail about it, but Amazon can be unreliable with that.

With the programming portion of school, besides me being tired of looking at a computer to have my mentally deficient brain attempts to absorb it, is the James Damore situation. For those who don’t know about James Damore, he had written the famous Google Memo. He also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience. Like Joe Rogan, I do believe in diversity in a workplace, but how Google conducts those practices, according to Damore, kinda scares me away from being a software developer for a place like Google (if I were to get my foot in the door). And the truth is, not many woman are interested in computer science. Me, I’m looking more to continue my IT studies while staying in the Auto industry, in hopes I can get an IT job down the road. Well see…

Once I walked away from fiction writing almost entirely, I had two manuscripts on hold. One is a black comedy, Gambler Vol. 2 to be exact, it’s at 60%. The other is an alien horror story called Dilemma In Dry Hills, 50%. The Gambler Vol. 1 was on the web. I had made my own page with it and Google had a problem. It’ll return to the web soon.

I need to find my way back to the heart…

Grace Slick looks like she’s on crack in this video.

Random JavaScript BootStrap Cards

Yes, that’s a tongue-twister right there.

For my website, I had been thinking about a random links type of deal going for the site and wanted to tap in to my limited JavaScript knowledge. In 2001-02, back in my loser trailer park trash days, I made a ‘Web TV page’ and attempted to make my own TV network. Well, YouTube arrived in 2005 and even the early version of YouTube was a helluva lot better than what I made.

I called the “network” BJ69-ITV. What would happen is when you pressed the Watch TV button on the site, at which ever time you visit the site, you’d be directed to a page with a show. Most of the shows were Flash animations (.swf, remember those?) my friends made or other popular ones they had in 2001-02. Also, I had made a public access type of deal (kinda famous in the 90s) where one can look up info and click on a link provided. When watching BJ69-ITV, you shows would be limited to 30 minutes, you can visit the TV at 11:03pm to watch my friend’s funny Flash anime all the way until 11:33pm (the anime was just 2 minutes long), the script will refresh and you’d go on to the next show. I think at 11:30pm was a “public access” show with info and links. Boring…

SHUT up now! Get to the code!

Okay, you’re right. No one cares about my TV project in 01-02. I sadly can’t find the disc with all this code because it would’ve been a little more easier to build the Random JavaScript BootStrap Cards. So here’s how I did it. Before we go on, thanks to Treehouse for the help.

First of all, I used BootStrap 4’s cards. You can find the info here and this is a pic of what one of the cards looks like on

Random JavaScript BootStrap Cards
Random BootStrap Card from

One of the things I would be taught in TreeHouse and trying my damnest not to be subject to my ADHD, I would find out that continuing a multiline string in JavaScript needs a “\” to continue. CSS-Tricks has a easy example of this. I found it a little strange to see this on a CSS oriented site (for those who don’t know, CSS and JavaScript are quite different… at least I’d say that).

So, to make the card via BootStrap, this would be the code:

<div class="card" style="width: 20rem;">
  <img class="card-img-top" src="..." alt="Card image cap">
  <div class="card-block">
    <h4 class="card-title">Card title</h4>
    <p class="card-text">Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.</p>
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Go somewhere</a>

And here’s how I started the randomization for the JS code, this is the END of the code, not the beginning:

var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 4 ) + 1;
if (randomNumber === 1) {
} else if (randomNumber === 2) {
} else if (randomNumber === 3) {
} else {

Now, to make the BootStrap cards to a string, here is the first one for starters. This is the card for Top 5 NES Games in the picture above:

var card01 = "<div class='card' style='width: 20rem;''> \
<img class='card-img-top img-thumbnail' src='' alt='NES RPGs'> \
<div class='card-block'> \
<h4 class='card-title'>Top 5 NES RPGs</h4> \
<p class='card-text'>Qwick counts down the Top 5 RPG games for the NES! This contains vids.</p> \
<a href='' class='btn btn-primary'>Play on!</a> \
</div> \
</div> \

Now, for any web development beginners, you can see a lot of these: ” or quotation marks. Those are useful when filling out classes. I’m not good at explaining this, so this site would be helpful.

However, on the last block of code (the one that starts with var card01 = ) shows one set of quotation marks opposed to very many on the first block. Besides the first ” is very far away from the other “, you may have noticed that the rest of the ” have been replaced with a single quotes, or ‘. And at each end of a line (the formatting here doesn’t show it exactly) is a “\”. So, since we got that down all of the syntax correct, I copy + pasted the code three more times to make card02, card03 and card04. Card03 represents the 90s Super groups.

You can find this on my GitHub.

Front-End Web Development track done

Rochester Park 2017
Rochester Park, Rochester MI. Jan 2017

Nearly a month, eh? Well, no good excuses!

Web Development Track Done

I finally finished the Front-End Web Development track in Treehouse. It’s been on and off for 3+ years but I finally got it. In those 3+ years, Treehouse would change it’s ways with the requirements to finish off the track, so they may add more down the road and tell me I have more classes to do. Understandably, the world of Web Development does change, and surely, it will change quite a lot in the next 10 years. The Front-End Web Development track is not the only one I finished.

I have done the Full Stack JavaScript Track too. I enjoyed the JavaScript class as both Andrew Chalkley and Dave McFarland (both TreeHouse staff) were entertaining. The third one, Hudson Hedinger (a guest teacher as TreeHouse says, so he’s part-time I take it) gave me the creeps. I think it was due to the more advanced items in that track were taught by him. Plus, Mr. Hedinger is quite good, he has worked with some high-end companies for their JavaScript solutions. However, the guy has this creepy-ass look to him on the vids. I suppose he was hired to handle some of the more advanced items and even he had trouble trying to maintain his sanity while trying to teach the users (one of them, me) on how to do the advanced stuff on JavaScript. I couldn’t do no better.

So, now since I’m done with both tracks, I know for a fact that I won’t be picked up by a Web Development firm quite soon for full-time work and pay that surpasses my current wages in the Auto Industry and also a part-time GurbHub bitch. Hey, it’s better than Uber (did that for two months).


Journey concert

I went to see Journey at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI. It’s a total of 140 miles from my home in Sterling Heights. It was a pain in the ass drive and I got lost once. When going down M-20 in Midland, MI on the way to Soaring Eagle, there’s a left turn you have to take to continue on M-20, but I went straight and later found out I’m in some bumblefuck country road. I had to turn it around and find M-20. It also is noted that my MetroPCS wasn’t working when I was in nowhere.

Also, I arrived to Soaring Eagle after a big storm passed. I was listening to Anthony Cumia’s interview with Chris Hansen in 2015 (recorded on my phone’s SD card) and the end of it came up when I figured out I was lost. I turned on the local NPR station after and I heard of a EAS weather warning telling me about a storm heading to Oscoda (in the upper east of Lower Michigan). I saw some flooded yards on M-20.

Soaring Eagle Casino isn’t too terribly bad, looks almost the same as Greektown Casino by me. However, there are long lines for food. Getting your favorite alcoholic beverage is quite easy if you find a seat in the bar (which I did).



The show started with Asia with now two of it’s original members Geoff Downes and Carl Palmer. Taking over for the late John Wetton was Billy Sherwood, who has been used big time in recent times. He took over on bass for Yes after Chris Squire died in 2015. Sherwood did well at vocals and bass when playing for Asia on that day. I was excited to see them for the second time (my first was in 2004, where I saw just Geoff Downes and then-singer John Payne do an acoustic show in Taylor, MI. I took too many pics and I think I pissed off Geoff with that shit. Also, at that time, I was a weird-looking fucker with a parted hairdo. Here’s the pic of me, Geoff and John in 2004:

John Payne, the idiot, Geoff Downes. Oct 2004

Thumbs up? What the hell was I thinking!?

I imagine after the show, Geoff and John were saying to each other, “What the fuck was wrong with that guy?”

Can’t blame em. 

Here’s some pics of the Journey concert with Asia at the beginning.

Yes, Journey is not fronted by Steve Perry anymore, and yes, that sucks. But Ariel Pineda does a fucking good job. This is what’s going to keep Journey around for a little while longer. I approve of his job and I like to see Journey again down the road, but surely not 140 miles away from my house. That drive was a motherfucker! Also, to the guys from Journey, thanks for playing Only The Young. It’s a personal favorite and reminds me of Linda Fiorentino in Vision Quest.

Sad News

Sadly, I lost a friend on Friday 23 June 2017. Jim Delong was someone I made friends with in 2014 and saw him quite a lot that year. I wasn’t so much of a social butterfly until 2012 and began to make friends outside of the on-line world. He died at 46 years old. That’s too young.

RIP Jim Delong




WordPress Theme Attempt and Kathy Griffin thoughts

Otisville Michigan
Otisville, MI – Home of Big Dick Warehouse & Storage

I’m back on TreeHouse to go back on my WordPress Theme Development class. I have done the class already but basically, I just flew passed it too fast without catching most of the details, my ex-special ed self has trouble absorbing that difficult info. So, I’m going through it a second time.

God damnit, why can’t I just absorb this shit easily so I can move on faster into this rat race most of us participate in? Well, I’m a very impatient guy. Here’s what I have so far, it’s called WPTestC.

I’ll have it down eventually with creating my own WordPress Theme. I just got to keep sucking at it. For one thing, I did click the option to have the only menu as the primary menu which made that work. Previously, it was on the left with what it would appear as a un-ordered list HTML tag.


Kathy Griffin beheads Trump

During my breaks on my 12-hour shift at my primary job, I would take a look on Twitter and boy did it not disappoint. Kathy Griffin went on Twitter and also told TMZ about her photo shoot of her holding what appears to be Donald Trump’s head, bleeding profusely. In one of my earlier posts, I have complained about celebs complaining about Trump and how I hate that. Although Kathy Griffin is ‘complaining’ about Trump on this, I would say this is at least more interesting then the average celeb bitching about Trump. Sick as fuck but interesting.

I’m not going to post the photo on my site here for it slightly bothers me, but if TMZ still has, look for it here. Kathy Griffin to me isn’t funny. I wouldn’t say she is a shitty comedian, she isn’t my cup of tea. However, in the photo of her hold Donald Trump severed head, she does look more scarier than ISIS.

Is Kathy Griffin joining ISIS? That would be fucking wacky is that was the case. Eventually, Kathy gave in. I know with a little research, I could find out if Kathy Griffin is on the CNN payroll full-time, but I’m not too seriously interested in that. She has done the CNN NYE special with Anderson Cooper, including the last one in 2016. Chances are good she won’t be around for the CNN’s next New Year’s Special, but then again, you never know. All I remember of the TV coverage on NYE 2016 was Mariah Carey fucking up and Don Lemon drunk on the air. That latter I haven’t seen yet, I better take a look at it now!

WordPress Test B & Chris Cornell’s Death

Well, it’s finally done. I have been looking to make a WordPress site from scratch with less help and I have done it somewhat. Here it is: WordPress Test B

It’s not much, I plan on fucking with it a little more. I also want to get Template 12 as a WordPress site. That’s going to be a long time coming, I just need to do the header correctly and the rest shouldn’t be so difficult on me.

Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

Sadly, we lost Chris Cornell and it kinda hits home for me. I live in Sterling Heights, MI, about 12 miles north of Detroit. I went to downtown Detroit that Wednesday to see Hall and Oates with Tears for Fears opening for them. It was a great show. I didn’t know that Soundgarden was at the Fox Theater, a place I’ve been too many times. And also, it sadly will be the last time Soundgarden would perform (with Chris Cornell at lead vocals). Sadly, he died shortly after that show.

It’s was a sad day for us folks growing up on Grunge. Shit, I miss the 90s. I also wrote about this on Eighties-N-Nineties: take a look here.

Update on personal life


I was studying IT via ITPro.TV but had to put that to an end. No harsh words towards ITPro.TV at all, it’s just due to some things going a little awry while I was studying for the A+ exam. For those looking to study IT hardware, I do recommend ITPro.TV. Problem is that my life is a little complicated for me to study IT right now.

One thing I will be doing is signing back up to Treehouse due to my interest in making a WordPress site from scratch. Recently I tried to do this and failed miserably. I have done many of the WordPress classes Treehouse has to offer, but at that time it was all gibberish to me. Going through those classes again will be a lot easier now.

I also want to do the CSS classes again so I can get a better understanding of that great language, it will help my failing Linkedin profile. I’m lacking endorsements!

Myles Bennett Dyson vs. Drug Dealers

Why don’t cha go get fucked?

One of the things I got into again is the Arnold pranks. For those who don’t know, a prank caller would call somebody or a business and use a soundboard of a celebrity. There is also the occasion of one calling with a character, such as Sgt. Hartman. This soundboard prank calling has got to XBox Live, here’s an example of Sgt. Hartman at his greatest.

There are a few folks on YouTube who are dedicated to the Arnold calls, but the majority from these folks come from 2011-12 for the most part. This was due to Arnold’s little scandal with banging the maid. YouTubers such as FridockShir (or FreeCock Sure), Secco1000, Douglas Quaid 618 and Myles Bennett Dyson provide some great Arnold pranks, with the third mention making 911 calls with the Arnold soundboard.

Myles Bennett Dyson made numerous calls to a family in Chattanooga, Tennessee who were supposedly drug dealers. Judging that the video above (it’s all audio) being 2.5 hours long, it is my guess that they were doing some bullshit. A majority of the calls were answered by a man and an elderly woman with heavy southern accents. According to this website here, the calls started in spring 2012 and ended in 2013. MBD was harassing these folks for about a year. Around the end of the flurry of calls, the man (or woman) under the MBD name saw his YouTube account being shutdown. MBD was able to get the account turned back on and stated that the drug dealers he was pranking found out about their presence online.

I’m Gettin’ Tired of dis shet!

On 30 August 2014, MBD had revealed on a comment that the elderly woman victim of these calls had died.

Miles Bennett Dyson Drug Dealers

A obituary page had been setup by the family of Granny, she is identified as Willie Brunette. Here is the condolences page.

Sadly, but also funny in a way, are a few comments in the condolences page that have references from the prank call. MBD had discourage people from doing this, but people aren’t listening obviously. One comment is also from Douglas Quaid 618, wow…

Miles Bennett Dyson Drug Dealers


I’m not popular… why?

For those of you wondering, that title is meant to be a joke.

Marine City MI
Marine City, Michigan 2015

Haven’t been here for a while but nobody really has been visiting this site, my own fault for not promoting it much.

For starters, I’m on break from my college studies into IT and will be away from it for a while. The month of March is a pain in the ass due to the big bills, then it’s pleasant for me in the end due to my birthday being on March 31st. My 35th birthday yay! Yes, 35 is a milestone year but my party will be small and just for a couple of hours. I do want to keep it at 20 people or less, but something tells me that won’t be the case.

I live a low-profile life, not so much to what happens to Saul Goodman after he disappears in Breaking Bad and you see him in the very beginning of Better Call Saul, working at a Cinnabon and just being a fucking nobody. All the way up until I was about 31-32, I had searched for popularity for the most part. I wanted to be the coolest kid on the block, I wanted to be accepted. My elementary school and middle school days, I wanted to be one of the top 50 most popular kids in school. But due to me being a special Ed kid, it didn’t really come to me. And in those days, I was upset with that.

High School, I went to East Detroit High for a year in some change. I got the boot in Feb or March 1999 and my popularity in Eastpointe, MI got a boost. Before then, I was not loved so much at East Detroit or in the city of Eastpointe (they changed the name of the city in 1992 from East Detroit, the school kept the name) due to the wannabe gangster lifestyle going on. Now when I think about it, I can see why a ‘Goth’ like me didn’t fare well in the then haven of wannabe gangsters of East Detroit.

At the end of 1998, I got rid of the whole Goth mentality and just went normal. But also, I was angry at being in that shit school that I kept getting in trouble. Just a few small things to earn me a day suspension or a three-day. It finally led up to me being offered a choice to go to Kellwood Alternative or stay at East Detroit and be monitored by a Special Ed teacher. Most of my school K-8th grade was in Rochester, and they had a lot of money at the time. I’m unsure of Rochester’s schools finances because I heard they were in some debt in 2008, but a lot of people were getting fucked due to the bad economy. Myself included.

East Detroit schools however, lacked money and most of the teachers didn’t get paid shit back in the late 90s, therefore, most of them didn’t care. I don’t blame them for it now. East Detroit at the time was a rough school and some of the kids were from broken homes. In Rochester, I was living with my Aunt and Uncle, which was very rare for kids to be living in that matter in those days and I’m still guessing Rochester’s population with divorced parents are still a little low. East Detroit, it was mom and step-dad or step-mom and dad. It was common to be a kid with divorced parents or something similar.

My brief popularity in 1999 was my giving up of the ‘Goth’ life and being me. One day, I’ll just wear a funny t-shirt and some shorts, the next day, I’ll wear a basketball jersey and blue jeans. But it was also due to some fights I had won or just some insult matches I prevailed on. But also, I was blamed for a couple small petty crimes I didn’t commit and they could not prove. Never to the point where I was taken to jail or court, in which I kinda wished they did at the time, so I can prove they don’t have shit and get a lawsuit on them. Never got that lucky.

And in my late 20s to early 30s, I wanted to be loved on Facebook, something I do every once in a while now. I currently have 260 friends on Facebook and I like it. But around my 31st birthday, I had 350 and I really wanted more. I wanted to be the best friends with the popular folks in the bars of Macomb County, Michigan. I really wanted me to be on the pictures of some of the local bands, in which I got. But I wanted more.

Around summer of 2014, I had a few things go a little wrong in my life that took a while to fix. And just after that, the wish to be Mr. Popular or have 2,000+ friends on FB or Twitter (I got less than 600 followers now) just dwindled.

Another push was due to some issues with friends in 2016 (last year) I was trying to help. To make a long story short, in 06-08, I was having some troubles and was helped by a few friends who had good jobs and making the bucks. So I thought to myself, when I get there, I’ll help those who are like me (back in 06-08). At first, I didn’t mind helping, but a few of them overtime were just totally fucking up and I lost my patience. Now, truthfully, when I look at it, I perhaps should have been more patient due to my own memories of hitting the bottom of the barrel. But in 06-08, I hardly drank, did no hard drugs and kept working as much as I could when it was available. The problem in those years is I wished I saved more money. It’s the reason why I’m a save-a-holic now. I can be a cheap cunt from time to time. I blame my ADD for it, you can too.

But a few of those folks I was trying to help, they wanted to drink and drink. Fine, but god damn, if you crying the fucking blues that you want to be out of your situation, sometimes or even altogether, you need to withdraw from that beer and whiskey (and the meth too). But then again, it could be worse; you could be married to one of those selfish people featured in that new show My 600lb Life. I suppose having a shit dead-end job were you spend your low income on beer just to pass time by is better than waking up every morning to a big fucking hippo that you married 10 or more years ago spending all your money on food to keep this hippo from fucking complaining… I suppose that’s better. So perhaps, I shouldn’t bother.

God damn…

There’s more to that story of me helping some of these folks, but I’ll cut it short from there.

Another factor is Election fatigue and people overreacting to U.S. Politics. Yes, a lot of people don’t like Trump. I didn’t vote for him either (I voted for Gary Johnson, and yes, he was a dope). And really, the majority of political complaints are online. I never had got into a serious argument at a bar or with family and friends over the election, but FB and Twitter for the most part have been filled with fucking people just bitching about Trump. Twitter is much worse, even when there is a hashtag being promoted that has nothing to do with Trump or politics for that matter, there’s always some cunt whining about Trump. God damn, where’s the balance?

I don’t like the guy either, but there’s something people need to be doing instead of sitting their fat asses on the computer bitching about Trump 16 hours a day, whether it’s on Twitter, FB or even going on YouTube and acting like a cunt.

But also, there is a reason why people bitch about Trump online, there’s money to be made for web sites and content. Have your Google ads up while you call Trump the devil, and you can make a few bucks, or a few pennies. Lots of competition in Politics online. Plus, we had a lot of A-list celebs bitching and telling us who to vote for. Call me a Trump-supporting asshole for this, but it’s funny to see people like Whoopi Goldberg, Madonna, Shia LeBouf (I didn’t know who he was until he did his HWNDU movement) and Rosie going bat-shit crazy over Trump.

So with these days, I’m okay with being a nobody. We have a lot of somebodies acting like assholes over politics. If I’m going to die a nobody (which will be likely, and I’m fine with that), I do want to meet some interesting folks. On my 33rd birthday, I did sit next to Helio Castroneves who’s an Indy Car Driver and also was on Dancing with the Stars. I also met Geoff Downes in 2004 and Isiah Thomas on my 11th birthday. So, I like to meet a few more somebodies or has-beens before I go six feet under.

Also, it’s kind of a bitch when you are the 353rd and last person being called for help on a seriously uncomfortable situation that needs to be resolved quick. I had said no to many of these and the person wasn’t happy. Oh well…

The 8-bit font trick on Flat Bootstrap WordPress Theme

I’m beginning the Retro Hockey Love site had for an hour-and-a-half attempt to get the font in there. I completely forgot how to do so when I created Retro Baseball Love. Anyways, after doing a variety of things that led to nowhere, I finally got it done. This site is pretty much blank now, but here is what it looks like:

8-bit font
The 8-bit font
How to:

The theme being used is Flat Bootstrap Developer, you also need to have Flat Bootstrap theme to go along with it. You can find them here.

Next, after uploading both themes (you’ll need to upload the FB Developer zip file too), go to Flat Bootstrap directory under wp-content > themes > fp-bootstrap.

Find the header.php file and enter in lines 18 and 19:

<link href=”|Nova+Round|Press+Start+2P” rel=”stylesheet”>
<link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”>

And here will be the result before you save:


Now, go to the CSS folder and edit the file theme-base.css.

At around line 230, you can edit site-title and site-description.

Here’s mine: