Template 12 update and Template 13

Made that fix on Template 12 and added Template 13. #12 fixes needed the JavaScript ends in all Bootstrap pages. I forgot to add that in Booking and The Band pages. Now, Template #12 is based on a fictional band, that is not a real band. Apologies for any band called Life. Hope you enjoy!

#13 is made specifically only for Computers/Laptops, it is not mobile or tablet ready. Not sure if I can fit that in mobile, but I will attempt to fix that for tablet. You can find #13 right here.

Also, #12 and #13 are available for download in the .zip format. See Sites & Templates for details.

Template #12 Out, Version 0.9

Yes, it is version 0.9, I do want to make a few additions and I’m wondering why the link menu doesn’t work on two of the pages when the site in on mobile. Will update site and let you know on that, plus have a .ZIP file for it too.

You can see Template #12 (titled Life The Band, fictional) right here.