Mid-November Update II


Paint Creek Trail… again.

My YouTube account is 10 years old and to my surprise (and everybody elses), Donald Trump got elected as President.

Yes, for the folks visiting the site, it has been over a month since I have updated my blog, so for the three or four people who care for what I have to say, here it is. Last week, I checked the stats of all four of my current sites. This site you are at now and Qwick Baseball are my main two sites with the latter being the better. Retro Baseball Love and The Gambler Series are the two with the least interest. But with RBL, I started that site on Election Day and it’s still a work in process and with The Gambler Series, there was two hits on it in the last 30 days.

The Gambler Series is an online novel with Vol. 1 up and Vol. 2 in the works. It used to be on BlogSpot until I made it with my own knowledge of BootStrap and PHP to show a few folks I can do a little of both. However, what is missing is the advancing SEO that goes along with BlogSpot. Another idea for me is to have an online novels site going starting in January, it will be a WordPress site and I’ll include Gambler Vol. 1 and soon-to-be Gambler Vol. 2, and perhaps I’ll get the good numbers back. However, a 100,000 word novel can be a pain in the ass to do, for the 7 or 8 folks who like my novels, it is possible that you’ll know me as Robbee Thomas, ex-novelist down the road.

Also, since I have good numbers on the two sites, I’m going to be a corporate whore and put Google Ads on there. With RobbeeWrite and Qwick Baseball, I’m going to avoid putting ads on the front page. Not sure of RBL (Retro Baseball Love) with the front page for now, I wanna see how the numbers go with that site.

Now, with the post on Sunday, I had about three paragraphs of my blog post on the prompt. But due to my laptop’s sensitive touch pad, and before I knew it, all the text was selected and when I typed Indiana, all I saw was Indiana. Yes, that was frustrating and I was in high denial. So, this post if firstly written on Microsoft Word 2010, it has an undo function. With WordPress, you have to stop for a moment for it to save your work as a draft. However, it had kept that draft as I now logged in today. Strange. I think we will keep this post.

Up until late October, I was on Treehouse quite a lot and gave their Full Stack Web Development TechDegree a try. The second project asks for you to make a site from scratch and needless to say, that was a failure. Had some interesting events happen during my second try and decided to back off of the program (quitter!!). Reasons for the end of the TechDegree is that I’m looking to do some freelance work. However, I’ll just follow the tests the freelance sites provide.

For politics, all I’ll say is that I voted for Gary Johnson and he didn’t win, I’m not looking to beat someone up and cause a ruckus on social media. That’s all. And with YouTube, my account is 10 years old and the only hit I have is my upload of Bill Bonds (RIP) getting mad over a news bumper. It became a local hit so to say with a lot of comments, until someone uploaded a better version.

That’s all.

RIP Gwen Ifill

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