Using the 2017 theme, New Pres and Updates

Jimmy Johns Field
Jimmy Johns Field

As you might have noticed, the site has updated to a different theme. I kinda like this 2017 theme and just may use it for my two upcoming sites. I have a classic RPG site I’m looking to make, and also an Android RPG website. I’m just going RPG crazy! (That’s not funny, I know…)

I suppose WordPress made the 2017 theme to have big pictures on your site, this seems to be the new thing.

Here are some pages I made:

Tecmo Super Baseball

World Series Baseball

Top 5 NES RPGs

I also got Tumblr too.

I will also have a article about the Russia Hacking coming up the start of this week. Since yesterday was the 20th of January, I do acknowledge that Donald Trump is President. I voted for Gary Johnson and like most Hillary supporters, I not a big fan of that. Yet, it seems like a lot of Hillary supporters are quite pissy about it. I also have to agree with Anthony Cumia when it comes to how we select Republican or Democratic for a president, “we are a Coke or Pepsi country.” Voting for Gary Johnson is like selecting Faygo Cola, I brand I love.

I could have more things done but I’m fighting off a cold. This cold hasn’t been tough, but it seems to be lasting for a while in a moderately fashion.

Another site idea was a Rock n Roll history site, but I think I’ll keep my Rock n Roll posts on this blog here. The official RobbeeWrite site  will be the odds and ends that I cannot build a good website with. The reason why Android RPGs are next on my list is it brings a good number of Google searches with low competition, haven’t checked classic RPGs yet.

Thanks to Lazy Ass Stoner and Yoast SEO for the help

About to go to sleep soon, besides, I find Gavin McInnis bashing Pentatonix… wow!