Super Bowl Sunday and I couldn’t care.

Orchard Lake
Orchard Lake, MI

Chances are good Beyonce is doing the halftime show and will say Trump is evil, continuing on with the far-left fanaticism.  Again, I’m Libertarian, I also don’t dig the far-right. But lots of protests, with some of them getting paid. And grown men wearing pussy hats? Sad… I see the HWNDU show is kinda dwindling down. I got to take a look at that before I go to work.

Been busy with work and websites, I now have a timeline I made. It shows all the accomplishments I have made so far in the year 2017.

I launched and looking to add more stuff soon. I got my Rush 80s album slideshow done. What else did I do? Um, oh, I got this here.

On the Fleetwood Mac post on 80s and 90s, I thought of including their bittersweet performance in 1993 when Bill Clinton got elected. But I was worried that my site will be a big minus due to the political climate. Plus, the late Micheal Jackson (before that child molestation scandal got on the news) sung along on the third verse of Don’t Stop. I want to stay as far and away from politics on my sites as best as I can. But, I failed to do so in the beginning of this post.

Got to do a few thing before I go to work for 4 hours at the job. Lots of midnight shift folks at my place of employment (until I get into IT, which I’m failing at lately) are calling off due to the Super Bowl, no biggie, I got a good notice instead of a phone call at 9:25p.

And I also want to help my friend whose in the band Declared Dead with this, perhaps they should play the Super Bowl halftime show!



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