Since we as a country (the United States) have been rather psychotic about Politics, I have been keeping a low profile on my views. Me, i’m just a guy whose 34 going on 35 working in the Auto Industry trying to get into IT and hoping to make a few websites that will bring me a good side hustle. So, why the fuck am I? I agree, I’m no better than some dumbass on Twitter 60 hours a week bitching about Trump. But I work 51+ hours a week in a job I don’t dig, but I had much worse. There is much more to life than being a cunt on Twitter angry about Trump.

I usually just write one article a month (or less) about politics. I was going to write a review for the PBS Frontline film Divided States of America. Great documentaries but could not put the words together, plus I got discouraged after my Confronting ISIS review.

I’m Libertarian and for the 2016 Election, I voted for Gary Johnson. Yes, Gary Johnson was a bit of a dope. He had his Aleppo moment on MSNBC and his freakout with a Guardian reporter. I knew for a fact that Gary Johnson would not win, if anything, I was hoping he would have similar numbers to Ross Perot in the 1992 Election, to get up there with Trump and Clinton. Of course, that didn’t happen. Gary Johnson ended with 4% of the vote, mine hopefully included. I knew if Gary Johnson was elected, I DON’T think he would be able to abolish the IRS.

I was surprised as many people that Trump won it. It is obvious that rural America had spoken. Those folks living in small towns or places John Cougar Mellencamp talks about in is songs got heard. For someone who didn’t care if either of them won (just suprised that Trump got it), it is funny to see that reaction at Clinton Headquarters, people crying because their candidate didn’t get elected? The person I voted for didn’t win.

And also this:


Before I go on, I don’t know Rachel Maddow well, I know she is liberal, very liberal. She also a lesbian (nothing wrong with that) and has some good education. As for MSNBC, I never watched it for more than a minute in my life before the election, but at the time, been told by many folks how left-leaning they can be. I know of Melissa Harris-Perry and how much of a nasty-strict feminist and lefty she can be. I didn’t know until after her show got pulled (or did she quit?) that her show was weekends only. I know a few people are reading this and screaming, “You idiot! She didn’t quit, they pulled the rug from under her, you goddamn idiot! Do some research you stupid asshole!”

Well, you can comment below if my lack of research upsets you. I couldn’t get a good answer on that one.

After the election was over, I was happy with the thought that everyone will calm the fuck down. My thought was wrong, obviously. I knew that Trump being elected would cause some outrage, but still people are fucking going bat-shit nuts. For those Hillary supporters, yeah, it’s disappointing. But my candidate lost too. However, I know if I tried to get a riot together due to Johnson not being president, I’d probably be the only one rioting. That would not look good, I would probably be tossed in the psych ward for that one. If I yelled Hillary, it would be a whole different story.

Julian Assange, from the BBC

After the election, there was the hacking being called out. John Podesta’s e-mail got hacked and before the election, that big fake news deal was spitting out some bullshit, and also after the election, the Pizzagate incident. I also wrote a nice article on how the Fake News works. What really infulenced me to write it was due to the guy walking into Comet Ping Pong with a gun.

Yes, Hillary Clinton having top-secret documents on her personal server was a very bad idea. If it was you or me with top-secret documents that can be easily gathered by the enemy: …sadly, I couldn’t find the Hank/Jesse DEA interview from Breaking Bad. If you seen the movie, it would be similar to that plus you’d be in a federal ‘pound-me-in-the-ass’ prison (OfficeSpace, 1999). Also, anyone could have got into that server at her house. Anyone. It would also depend on what kind of security that server has, I could never get that info. But even with high security, anyone could have got in. Someone from an ISIS controlled territory could get access to it. So yes, I do believe she should see prison time.

With John Podesta’s e-mail, his password to his GMail account was ‘passw0rd.’ Since I’m an IT student, and not an expert, I can tell you with my lack of knowledge that your password as ‘password‘ or ‘123456‘ is a very bad practice in IT security. Podesta done fucked that one up, but I do feel a little sympathy for him, he didn’t know someone would make fake news articles about him attending a satanic ritual or be the man in charge for a child sex ring in which a presidential candidate would also participate with. This would be known as Russiagate (Yes, I’m being an advertising whore on this one).

Again, I don’t watch or listen to CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. I explained MSNBC and CNN is heading liberal while Fox goes conservative. However, I think some of the higher-ups with MSNBC and CNN is that Trump winning would be helpful to them. MSNBC will be on Trump’s ass until the end of his presidency and CNN isn’t to thrilled with this:

While I’m writing this article, it is mid-February 2017, and I quote the great Anthony Cumia on Trump being president, it’s like throwing a grenade in the works and seeing what happens. And we are now seeing that in real-time. Trump is different obviously and he also uses his own Twitter account for those who wish to see his thoughts. Interesting to me!

Just after getting the keys to the White House, a lot of riots went down. UC Berkley had a big one with Milo was suppose to speak at. Plus, HWNDU which ended after 21 days (it was supposed to last 4 years).  And men wearing pussy hats?

CNN would get some kind of revenge here:

CNN vs. Kellyanne Conway

My thought with the Trump presidency after nearly a month, I’m at 50/50. I can’t give a serious opinion on it minus the General Flynn issue. Trump will say anything, he became a politician the day he walked into the White House. Your average politician with the camera on will put the words out carefully, Trump hasn’t been doing that so far. Trump stating that the crime rate is high as it been in 47 years in incorrect, I agree with CNN with that one. You should also take a look at Freakonomics for more info.

With the CNN interview with Kellyanne Conway, the thing I notice the most is she looks like shit. Is she exhausted for covering for Trump’s wrongs? I agree somewhat, but since her job was to collect data for politicians running for a higher office. Conway was originally working with Ted Cruz. After his loss, Trump asked her to join his campaign, and she later got the job as counselor when he got the White House. I think she doesn’t know what the fuck she got into. And say what you want about Donald Trump, he is a workhorse. Besides Conway walking into something that is not going so well for her, it seems she is trying to play workhorse along with Donald. We’ll see how that lasts.

Yes, CNN was screwing with her, the media can be a vicious cunt. I agree 110%. My personal favorite political commentator That Guy T says it best here with the media (he also includes BLM and leftist politicians.)  If you haven’t watched it, well I said earlier, the heads of CNN and MSNBC did want Trump to win. Therefore, the ratings will go up. The left-wing media will attack everything he does. They will go after staffers, they will have a field day when a scandal happens and when a mass shooting happens (and sadly it will), that will work for their ratings.

CNN going at Kellyanne Conway brought good numbers. And recently, Morning Joe announced that they will not have Conway comment on their show. Hell, Kellyanne Conway was one of these talking heads that would show up on your favorite political news show telling you bad things about the democrats. Now, she’s on the hot seat. Strange, isn’t it?

I also have to agree with That Guy T here.

psychoatic twitter use

What influenced me big time to write this big article here is when Jim Norton commented on how people on Twitter going bat-shit crazy about Trump.  I’m not so popular on Twitter, I follow 1,100 people and have 580 followers, including recently Bobo. When I see the feed, it’s mostly about their concern about Trump. It’s fucking ridiculous. It’s one thing to not be happy that Trump is president, I’m not. I’m Libertarian, legalize weed, do something about lowering the national debt and most importantly, leave me the fuck alone.

I live my life, work my stupid ass job, make my websites, write an article or two. But with some people, it just seems like folks are just angrily tweeting about Trump. No jokes really, just getting on the offensive. Do these people have jobs? Are these folks on their phones while driving 15 miles under the speed limit typing their anger on social media? Some of us have shit to do, get the hell off the road and bitch about Trump on Twitter. Yes, it’s okay to be angry about Trump, but Jesus Christ on a fucking pogo stick, take it easy with it.

But if not, can you stay off the road while complaining about Trump? I don’t want to be behind someone driving 15 miles under the speed limit and swerving on both lanes while you pay attention to your phone. I also don’t want to be in a fatal car accident either.


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