Myles Bennett Dyson vs. Drug Dealers

Why don’t cha go get fucked?

One of the things I got into again is the Arnold pranks. For those who don’t know, a prank caller would call somebody or a business and use a soundboard of a celebrity. There is also the occasion of one calling with a character, such as Sgt. Hartman. This soundboard prank calling has got to XBox Live, here’s an example of Sgt. Hartman at his greatest.

There are a few folks on YouTube who are dedicated to the Arnold calls, but the majority from these folks come from 2011-12 for the most part. This was due to Arnold’s little scandal with banging the maid. YouTubers such as FridockShir (or FreeCock Sure), Secco1000, Douglas Quaid 618¬†and Myles Bennett Dyson¬†provide some great Arnold pranks, with the third mention making 911 calls with the Arnold soundboard.

Myles Bennett Dyson made numerous calls to a family in Chattanooga, Tennessee who were supposedly drug dealers. Judging that the video above (it’s all audio) being 2.5 hours long, it is my guess that they were doing some bullshit. A majority of the calls were answered by a man and an elderly woman with heavy southern accents. According to this website here, the calls started in spring 2012 and ended in 2013. MBD was harassing these folks for about a year. Around the end of the flurry of calls, the man (or woman) under the MBD name saw his YouTube account being shutdown. MBD was able to get the account turned back on and stated that the drug dealers he was pranking found out about their presence online.

I’m Gettin’ Tired of dis shet!

On 30 August 2014, MBD had revealed on a comment that the elderly woman victim of these calls had died.

Miles Bennett Dyson Drug Dealers

A obituary page had been setup by the family of Granny, she is identified as Willie Brunette. Here is the condolences page.

Sadly, but also funny in a way, are a few comments in the condolences page that have references from the prank call. MBD had discourage people from doing this, but people aren’t listening obviously. One comment is also from Douglas Quaid 618, wow…

Miles Bennett Dyson Drug Dealers


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