Update on personal life


I was studying IT via ITPro.TV but had to put that to an end. No harsh words towards ITPro.TV at all, it’s just due to some things going a little awry while I was studying for the A+ exam. For those looking to study IT hardware, I do recommend ITPro.TV. Problem is that my life is a little complicated for me to study IT right now.

One thing I will be doing is signing back up to Treehouse due to my interest in making a WordPress site from scratch. Recently I tried to do this and failed miserably. I have done many of the WordPress classes Treehouse has to offer, but at that time it was all gibberish to me. Going through those classes again will be a lot easier now.

I also want to do the CSS classes again so I can get a better understanding of that great language, it will help my failing Linkedin profile. I’m lacking endorsements!

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