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I’m back on TreeHouse to go back on my WordPress Theme Development class. I have done the class already but basically, I just flew passed it too fast without catching most of the details, my ex-special ed self has trouble absorbing that difficult info. So, I’m going through it a second time.

God damnit, why can’t I just absorb this shit easily so I can move on faster into this rat race most of us participate in? Well, I’m a very impatient guy. Here’s what I have so far, it’s called WPTestC.

I’ll have it down eventually with creating my own WordPress Theme. I just got to keep sucking at it. For one thing, I did click the option to have the only menu as the primary menu which made that work. Previously, it was on the left with what it would appear as a un-ordered list HTML tag.


Kathy Griffin beheads Trump

During my breaks on my 12-hour shift at my primary job, I would take a look on Twitter and boy did it not disappoint. Kathy Griffin went on Twitter and also told TMZ about her photo shoot of her holding what appears to be Donald Trump’s head, bleeding profusely. In one of my earlier posts, I have complained about celebs complaining about Trump and how I hate that. Although Kathy Griffin is ‘complaining’ about Trump on this, I would say this is at least more interesting then the average celeb bitching about Trump. Sick as fuck but interesting.

I’m not going to post the photo on my site here for it slightly bothers me, but if TMZ still has, look for it here. Kathy Griffin to me isn’t funny. I wouldn’t say she is a shitty comedian, she isn’t my cup of tea. However, in the photo of her hold Donald Trump severed head, she does look more scarier than ISIS.

Is Kathy Griffin joining ISIS? That would be fucking wacky is that was the case. Eventually, Kathy gave in. I know with a little research, I could find out if Kathy Griffin is on the CNN payroll full-time, but I’m not too seriously interested in that. She has done the CNN NYE special with Anderson Cooper, including the last one in 2016. Chances are good she won’t be around for the CNN’s next New Year’s Special, but then again, you never know. All I remember of the TV coverage on NYE 2016 was Mariah Carey fucking up and Don Lemon drunk on the air. That latter I haven’t seen yet, I better take a look at it now!

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