Front-End Web Development track done

Rochester Park 2017
Rochester Park, Rochester MI. Jan 2017

Nearly a month, eh? Well, no good excuses!

Web Development Track Done

I finally finished the Front-End Web Development track in Treehouse. It’s been on and off for 3+ years but I finally got it. In those 3+ years, Treehouse would change it’s ways with the requirements to finish off the track, so they may add more down the road and tell me I have more classes to do. Understandably, the world of Web Development does change, and surely, it will change quite a lot in the next 10 years. The Front-End Web Development track is not the only one I finished.

I have done the Full Stack JavaScript Track too. I enjoyed the JavaScript class as both Andrew Chalkley and Dave McFarland (both TreeHouse staff) were entertaining. The third one, Hudson Hedinger (a guest teacher as TreeHouse says, so he’s part-time I take it) gave me the creeps. I think it was due to the more advanced items in that track were taught by him. Plus, Mr. Hedinger is quite good, he has worked with some high-end companies for their JavaScript solutions. However, the guy has this creepy-ass look to him on the vids. I suppose he was hired to handle some of the more advanced items and even he had trouble trying to maintain his sanity while trying to teach the users (one of them, me) on how to do the advanced stuff on JavaScript. I couldn’t do no better.

So, now since I’m done with both tracks, I know for a fact that I won’t be picked up by a Web Development firm quite soon for full-time work and pay that surpasses my current wages in the Auto Industry and also a part-time GurbHub bitch. Hey, it’s better than Uber (did that for two months).


Journey concert

I went to see Journey at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI. It’s a total of 140 miles from my home in Sterling Heights. It was a pain in the ass drive and I got lost once. When going down M-20 in Midland, MI on the way to Soaring Eagle, there’s a left turn you have to take to continue on M-20, but I went straight and later found out I’m in some bumblefuck country road. I had to turn it around and find M-20. It also is noted that my MetroPCS wasn’t working when I was in nowhere.

Also, I arrived to Soaring Eagle after a big storm passed. I was listening to Anthony Cumia’s interview with Chris Hansen in 2015 (recorded on my phone’s SD card) and the end of it came up when I figured out I was lost. I turned on the local NPR station after and I heard of a EAS weather warning telling me about a storm heading to Oscoda (in the upper east of Lower Michigan). I saw some flooded yards on M-20.

Soaring Eagle Casino isn’t too terribly bad, looks almost the same as Greektown Casino by me. However, there are long lines for food. Getting your favorite alcoholic beverage is quite easy if you find a seat in the bar (which I did).



The show started with Asia with now two of it’s original members Geoff Downes and Carl Palmer. Taking over for the late John Wetton was Billy Sherwood, who has been used big time in recent times. He took over on bass for Yes after Chris Squire died in 2015. Sherwood did well at vocals and bass when playing for Asia on that day. I was excited to see them for the second time (my first was in 2004, where I saw just Geoff Downes and then-singer John Payne do an acoustic show in Taylor, MI. I took too many pics and I think I pissed off Geoff with that shit. Also, at that time, I was a weird-looking fucker with a parted hairdo. Here’s the pic of me, Geoff and John in 2004:

John Payne, the idiot, Geoff Downes. Oct 2004

Thumbs up? What the hell was I thinking!?

I imagine after the show, Geoff and John were saying to each other, “What the fuck was wrong with that guy?”

Can’t blame em. 

Here’s some pics of the Journey concert with Asia at the beginning.

Yes, Journey is not fronted by Steve Perry anymore, and yes, that sucks. But Ariel Pineda does a fucking good job. This is what’s going to keep Journey around for a little while longer. I approve of his job and I like to see Journey again down the road, but surely not 140 miles away from my house. That drive was a motherfucker! Also, to the guys from Journey, thanks for playing Only The Young. It’s a personal favorite and reminds me of Linda Fiorentino in Vision Quest.

Sad News

Sadly, I lost a friend on Friday 23 June 2017. Jim Delong was someone I made friends with in 2014 and saw him quite a lot that year. I wasn’t so much of a social butterfly until 2012 and began to make friends outside of the on-line world. He died at 46 years old. That’s too young.

RIP Jim Delong