Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Weeeelcome Back!

Welcome Back!

For the 4 or 5 people who give a rat’s ass, I’m looking to go back to writing fiction again. I had “entered into college” at February 2014 with a couple of breaks in between. Although it’s been 3.5 years (or three and-a-half in human terms), sadly, I have the equivalent of 2 years. All my tuition were from online schools, studying Information Technology. The programming portion which was most of my study was done thru TreeHouse. Currently, I have 26,000+ points and as of September 2017, I’m ranked 600 out of 100,000+ students. Why the hell am I stopping?

Well, all I gotta say is after a while with sitting in front of a computer screen and watching video after video, it will get to you. As of now, I find myself watching this video while doing my arm workouts. For now, I’m dedicated in getting my A+ certification so I’ll be digging at the Comptia website for a while. TreeHouse was my weapon of choice for the programming, I also studied with ITPro.TV’s videos and I do plan on going back to them soon for the 220-902 classes. For those who don’t know IT and how to get ahead in a career with it (that I’m lacking), the A+ certification is to show employers that you have the basic understanding of Information Technology. The classes you take are 220-901 and 220-902 as of September 2017. They make new classes every two or three years or so. The A+ certification is my focus and I must not give up.

The desire to return to writing was due to the asking from a person who bought The Thirteen Years of Gray. One additional push to that desire was being contacted from a fan of my work in Florida about getting a copy of Mourning In Hochington Volume 2 (under my pen name Adrian Henderson, WTF was I thinking?) and she’ll send me the money for it soon. The asshole author that I am, I suggested that she buy a copy. Haven’t got the e-mail about it, but Amazon can be unreliable with that.

With the programming portion of school, besides me being tired of looking at a computer to have my mentally deficient brain attempts to absorb it, is the James Damore situation. For those who don’t know about James Damore, he had written the famous Google Memo. He also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience. Like Joe Rogan, I do believe in diversity in a workplace, but how Google conducts those practices, according to Damore, kinda scares me away from being a software developer for a place like Google (if I were to get my foot in the door). And the truth is, not many woman are interested in computer science. Me, I’m looking more to continue my IT studies while staying in the Auto industry, in hopes I can get an IT job down the road. Well see…

Once I walked away from fiction writing almost entirely, I had two manuscripts on hold. One is a black comedy, Gambler Vol. 2 to be exact, it’s at 60%. The other is an alien horror story called Dilemma In Dry Hills, 50%. The Gambler Vol. 1 was on the web. I had made my own page with it and Google had a problem. It’ll return to the web soon.

I need to find my way back to the heart…

Grace Slick looks like she’s on crack in this video.

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