The Post Before XMas

For a non – religious person, I actually don’t find Merry Christmas offensive, I just prefer to say Happy Holidays.

Last week I got stuck in the Wikipedia Matrix and was looking up rock stars or artists that died in an unusual way. One in particular I ran into was Philip Taylor Kramer. He played bass for San Diego-based Iron Butterfly during the mid-70s, just after Doug Ingle quit. For those who don’t know, Iron Butterfly is known for “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” which was supposed to mean In The Garden of Eden, that song was a big hit in 1968 and 1969, it was also known to be one of the first heavy metal songs.

Anyways, Iron Butterfly did brake-up briefly but reformed in 1974 without Doug Ingle and Eric Braun the guitarist took over most of the lead vocals, they did two more albums with Braun at lead with Kramer at Bass and doing some of the lead vocals. Kramer left Iron Butterfly, but was involved with other projects that included Ron Bushy.

Kramer would later go to college, and would go into business in rocket science. In early 1995, Kramer had went to LAX to pick up an associate, however in the end, he did not collect the associate. It was confirmed that he was at LAX, he made 45 minutes of phone calls to friends and family before finally calling 911 to say he was going to commit suicide. One of the calls was to Ron Bushy, the drummer of Iron Butterfly.

Four years later, his van and his remains we found on some hills by the airport. His death was ruled a suicide but the family doesn’t think that.

Unsolved Mysteries did an episode on his disappearance, but as of December 2016 it is not on YouTube. However, VH1 had a special about it (they cut to the chase and talk about Kramer’s disappearance first).

Despite the episode from Unsolved Mysteries, the official website has some info.

And there is some info about this day Kramer died along with some theories. There is also a claim that also in the 911 call, he said OJ Simpson was innocent and “they did it.” In the winter of 95, that case was top of the news. Here is a site talking about this and made in 1996, it does look 1996 like.

Not sure what to believe on this one to be honest, but before his death, he didn’t sleep well and had sleepless days. Was he delirious just before he ended his life?

Before I get to Layne Slatey, I do have to say that Iron Butterfly had quite a few people playing in that god damn band. It seems like if you in Iron Butterfly for 12 seconds, the folks of Wikipedia would add you on the list. A current member of the band is Dave Meros of Spock’s Beard. I’d imagine when Spock’s Beard isn’t doing anything, he floats to Iron Butterfly.

From Loudwire
From Loudwire

I would later go to Layne Staley’s page. For those of you who don’t know, he was the first singer for Alice In Chains back in the 90s. Alice In Chains now enjoy a second incarnation with William Duvall on vocals now. Sometime around AIC’s breakup in the late-90s, Staley bought a condo in Seattle and would later become a recluse from 1998 to his death in 2002.

During those four years, Staley kept away in his condo for the most part. Barely eating and often doing drugs. He would seldom get visits and would visit a bar nearby him from time-to-time. While on his recluse, he had gone down to 85 pounds and it was considered usual for Staley to rarely communicate with friends and family.

Sadly, Staley was found dead on 19 April 2002. It was later determined that he died on 5 April 2002. The family of Layne got a phone call from his bank that he hadn’t taken any money from his bank account since that day, which lead to the sad discovery. Another piece of news after Staley’s death was Mike Starr (Alice In Chains bassist for their Facelift and Dirt albums) had visited Staley the day before he died. Starr tried to pursue him to get help, but he refused, which led Starr leaving upset with Staley. This story was told by Starr on Celebrity Rehab in 2009, he later died in 2011.


So much I have learned on Wikipedia.

Retro Baseball Love updates and plans

Downtown Rochester, MI. Main and Fourth Streets, Sep 2012.
Downtown Rochester, MI. Main and Fourth Streets, Sep 2012.

I have added RBI Baseball for NES to RBL (Retro Baseball Love). Coming up for the site is Super Bases Loaded II for the SNES. I also plan on having a big title screen pic for each game and also a table box to indicate certain features the game has, such as, does the game have a license to MLB? Season Mode? You control the fielders? That will be added just before the month is over.

Once I get past 15 game pages for RBL, I’m going next to my other possible project to show cast and review Android RPG games on a new site. RBL will still be updated but the frequency of reviews would be less. Remember, the Android games project is a possibility, and I may not start that until February.

Mid-November Update II


Paint Creek Trail… again.

My YouTube account is 10 years old and to my surprise (and everybody elses), Donald Trump got elected as President.

Yes, for the folks visiting the site, it has been over a month since I have updated my blog, so for the three or four people who care for what I have to say, here it is. Last week, I checked the stats of all four of my current sites. This site you are at now and Qwick Baseball are my main two sites with the latter being the better. Retro Baseball Love and The Gambler Series are the two with the least interest. But with RBL, I started that site on Election Day and it’s still a work in process and with The Gambler Series, there was two hits on it in the last 30 days.

The Gambler Series is an online novel with Vol. 1 up and Vol. 2 in the works. It used to be on BlogSpot until I made it with my own knowledge of BootStrap and PHP to show a few folks I can do a little of both. However, what is missing is the advancing SEO that goes along with BlogSpot. Another idea for me is to have an online novels site going starting in January, it will be a WordPress site and I’ll include Gambler Vol. 1 and soon-to-be Gambler Vol. 2, and perhaps I’ll get the good numbers back. However, a 100,000 word novel can be a pain in the ass to do, for the 7 or 8 folks who like my novels, it is possible that you’ll know me as Robbee Thomas, ex-novelist down the road.

Also, since I have good numbers on the two sites, I’m going to be a corporate whore and put Google Ads on there. With RobbeeWrite and Qwick Baseball, I’m going to avoid putting ads on the front page. Not sure of RBL (Retro Baseball Love) with the front page for now, I wanna see how the numbers go with that site.

Now, with the post on Sunday, I had about three paragraphs of my blog post on the prompt. But due to my laptop’s sensitive touch pad, and before I knew it, all the text was selected and when I typed Indiana, all I saw was Indiana. Yes, that was frustrating and I was in high denial. So, this post if firstly written on Microsoft Word 2010, it has an undo function. With WordPress, you have to stop for a moment for it to save your work as a draft. However, it had kept that draft as I now logged in today. Strange. I think we will keep this post.

Up until late October, I was on Treehouse quite a lot and gave their Full Stack Web Development TechDegree a try. The second project asks for you to make a site from scratch and needless to say, that was a failure. Had some interesting events happen during my second try and decided to back off of the program (quitter!!). Reasons for the end of the TechDegree is that I’m looking to do some freelance work. However, I’ll just follow the tests the freelance sites provide.

For politics, all I’ll say is that I voted for Gary Johnson and he didn’t win, I’m not looking to beat someone up and cause a ruckus on social media. That’s all. And with YouTube, my account is 10 years old and the only hit I have is my upload of Bill Bonds (RIP) getting mad over a news bumper. It became a local hit so to say with a lot of comments, until someone uploaded a better version.

That’s all.

RIP Gwen Ifill

Mid-November Update

Paint Creek Trail

This will be short, I had a few paragraphs of info on here talking about the last month, but since my laptop touch pad is sensitive and before I knew it, all the text got selected and I typed the last two letters of Indiana and it went away. DAMN!!! So yes, I’m frustrated as heck and will have an update very soon. I will be making the post on Microsoft Word then posting it here so if that happens again, I’ll be prepared with the undo option.

See you soon!

Template 12 update and Template 13

Made that fix on Template 12 and added Template 13. #12 fixes needed the JavaScript ends in all Bootstrap pages. I forgot to add that in Booking and The Band pages. Now, Template #12 is based on a fictional band, that is not a real band. Apologies for any band called Life. Hope you enjoy!

#13 is made specifically only for Computers/Laptops, it is not mobile or tablet ready. Not sure if I can fit that in mobile, but I will attempt to fix that for tablet. You can find #13 right here.

Also, #12 and #13 are available for download in the .zip format. See Sites & Templates for details.

Template #12 Out, Version 0.9

Yes, it is version 0.9, I do want to make a few additions and I’m wondering why the link menu doesn’t work on two of the pages when the site in on mobile. Will update site and let you know on that, plus have a .ZIP file for it too.

You can see Template #12 (titled Life The Band, fictional) right here.

Qwick Baseball & Personal Media Library

I have added two sites to my portfolio, first being Qwick Baseball and the second Personal Media Library. Qwick Baseball is a Excel spreadsheet template that allows easy tracking of a baseball game stats, all one has to do is to enter h, 2b, k, ao, go, etc. Then the spreadsheet does the rest. You can make printable box scores and also export them to HTML.

The second site mentioned was made via Treehouse, a site run mainly by PHP with a form mailer too. That took a while, woah! You’ll see the sites under Sites & Templates.