Qwick Baseball & Personal Media Library

I have added two sites to my portfolio, first being Qwick Baseball and the second Personal Media Library. Qwick Baseball is a Excel spreadsheet template that allows easy tracking of a baseball game stats, all one has to do is to enter h, 2b, k, ao, go, etc. Then the spreadsheet does the rest. You can make printable box scores and also export them to HTML.

The second site mentioned was made via Treehouse, a site run mainly by PHP with a form mailer too. That took a while, woah! You’ll see the sites under Sites & Templates.

The Gambler Series

I got one of my websites put together, a online black comedy book called Gambler Volume 1. The Gambler has been released in 2013, but I revamped it with my own knowledge in PHP and took it away from the Google’s Blogger website. Again, I don’t wish any bad tidings to Blogger, it is a very good service for those looking to blog with no or little knowledge of programming, but since I have upgraded since 2013, I made it my own now.

The Gambler site now is from Bootstrap 3.3 (or something near that number) and runs with PHP, I also have a PHP header with the chapter list. Take a look HERE.

Qwick Baseball Javascript Prototype

Made some new code from scratch, had some troubles with it. Plus, I forgot something with HTML forms. I forgot to add textarea tags in the beginning and end of the code display. It’s funny since I started learning HTML back in 1999. I forgot to add a refresh/reload button on there, so you’ll hafta reload it via the browser.

Here’s the page:

QBJ Prototype

Start of it all…

Welcome to my website, I’m a web developer looking for some projects to start on. Take a look at my templates to see some of my work. If interested, you can comment on this post, or look up my contact information in the About Me section.

Thanks for visiting and more info coming up soon!