Las Vegas Shooting

Just like quite a lot of people out there, I’m upset that another shooting has happened. And this is the worst shooting in modern history; it has 1-uped the Orlando Shooting last year in June. We sadly lost 59 people while hundreds are injured as of Tuesday at 11AM EST. But as much as we are outraged and sad about this, we will not do anything in the end. Sadly, we will see more shootings or even a bomb attack or another copy of the Nice Attack where a nutjob hijacks a truck and runs over a parade of people. Sadly, we will see more of these. As Bruce Hornsby would say, it’s just the way it is.

After the Orlando incident, I found myself thinking that this won’t be the last. I always thought that there would be a shooting in a crowded concert with more deaths and injuries than Orlando. With Las Vegas, it was a man in a high-rise building shooting into a concert. As I said, I knew there was going to be a bad concert shooting, but I never thought it would be from a high-rise building. I recently attended an outdoor concert in Royal Oak, Michigan at the Arts, Beats & Eats. Royal Oak has a few high rise buildings, but they are condos and not hotels. One could easily do a shooting from one of those buildings, particular the Eight 55 Building. That will be a thought for me when I attended outdoor shows in towns. Hell, the Arts Beats & Eats (as far as I remember) don’t make you go through metal detectors. Somebody can go in there and start blasting away with a pistol.

Also, I’m looking to see the Red Wings at their new venue called Little Caesars Arena, but the idea of some nutjob shooting up the place will be on my mind. Yes, most arenas make you go through metal detectors, but I think most people working arena security don’t take their jobs so seriously. But then again, most major league sports games do have a few police officers around. It’s also strange that last week, I watched Two Minute Warning, a movie made in 1976 about a sniper shooting people in a crowded championship football game. For those who haven’t seen the movie, here’s the spoiler, right at the last minute of the game the sniper shoots at random and kills quite a few people. Everyone in the game gets the drift and runs the hell outta there. The Swat Team and a LAPD Captain (played by the late Charlton Heston) catch-up with the sniper and take care of the situation, but kill him in the process.

In the end, the cops and the higher-ups at the arena gather together with LAPD Captain upset about not getting the shooter’s motive, but the lead SWAT team man says that the news will have more info about the sniper and perhaps they could get a motive. Again, Two Minute Warning was made in 1976 and the sick sad thing is that something like what happens in that movie could happen today. But back in 1976 and even in the said movie, you didn’t have to go through a metal detector. However, a fired arena employee who happens to be nuts could cause a ruckus by hiding a rifle somewhere in an arena, and come back to it when a game is going down.

Sadly, if someone wants to do this kind of shit, they will find a way to do it.

Another thing that grinds my gears is the ‘thoughts and prayers’ most politicians offer after such an event happens. I’m sick of hearing pray for this and pray for that after a tragedy happens. That pray for something hashtag surely trends on Twitter when the shit hits the fan. I’m not telling people not to pray, really I’m not, but my secular self is seeing that praying isn’t working. But also, I know that anyone who often prays will say to me: “What’s your solution?” And my answer is, I don’t fucking know.

Also, for the first time in a while, I watched over a half-hour of morning television, NBC to be exact. I watched Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday. Megyn Kelly has been subject to some harsh criticism for her jump from Fox to NBC, and also I agree, she has been a little too overexposed lately. Anywho, during the show, they had Tom Brokaw. A audience member asked him a question about gun control, well, here is the answer:

Of course, I don’t like the idea of Megyn Kelly interrupting a broadcasting legend such as Brokaw. There could have been a few reasons why she interrupted him. One, Kelly wasn’t happy with Brokaw’s honest response; or two, she had to take a “Hard Break” (see video’s description). For the first reason, I can see the old school versus the new school type of broadcast journalism.

When 9/11 happened, it took a little while for the most of us to get back on this sick game of life. I was a fat 19-year-old grown-ass man acting like a little kid working at a Mazel’s by Lakeside Mall. I didn’t work on 9/11 and I was actually new to the job after losing a previous job at plastics joint. I worked the next day and instead of having the radio play throughout the store, they had a TV on with the news coverage. I would later lose the job two weeks later due to my boss saying the economy was getting bad, but it was probably also me sucking at the job. I was a little douchebag asshole at the time.

But going back to 9/11, it did take a while for the majority of us a while to move forward. During and after this Las Vegas shooting, that Sunday night, I went to bed early before midnight (I stay up to 2am most nights, I work 2nd shift and both of my jobs), it was 9pm Las Vegas time. The shooting happened at 10pm in Las Vegas. I awoke at 7:30am to see my phone had many alerts from news outlets about this, plus my scanner app told me that 20,000+ people were listening to the Las Vegas police scanner. I turn on the TV to see what had happened.

While I was watching TV, I was texting somebody and we first were talking about a different situation and then we talked about the Las Vegas shooting. Also, we were talking about how although this shooting is terrible; we sadly have to go to work and also pay bills. When it came to 9/11, yes, I went to work the next day but it was plaguing my mind. When it came to paying bills, I was a fat 19-year-old paying $75/week in a double-wide trailer where it was me, my mom, my uncle and two younger brothers lived. Trailer park trash, eh?

And yes, I later went to work and this subject of the shooting wasn’t really talked about. I suppose this is the new normal.

Here’s Psychology In Seattle’s take on it: